About Smt. Chandrika

I started my art practice at the age of 14 daughter of renowned mysore style artist Latte Sr M. Ramanarasaih was place artist specialised in Traditional Mysore style & also portrait artist. He was currator of JC Art Gallery till 1977, There are 26 painting on displays at JC art gallery & above 10 painting in Mysore Palace.

I spend eight hours daily only on paintings. I had keen interest In Mysore and Ganjeefa arts. My inspiration was my father. After my studies i took painting as my main profession. The time started by participating in exhibitions, one man show all over India and Abroad. I also started to restore old paintings given by the Wadeyar of Mysore. I have till now restored more than 500 paintings given by him. I have been getting lots of encouragement also by the wadeyar of Mysore. He has also allotted work to me in the firm Hill Palace Ooty, to do oil color paintings on the walls of the palace for over 50 rooms.

Along with these works, training programs has also been given through the Karnataka handicraft office and I.G.R.M.S (Bhopal). Over 500 students are trained under me every year.


I have been awarded as “The best Mysore Traditional Artist” as well as “the best in Mysore style Ganjeefa paintings” in the year 1999.Government of Madhya Pradesh has also honored me as the best artist in Mysore style paintings in the year 2002-03, along with that I also participated in the “Shilpa bazaar“ Gwlior (M.P) on 15th sept-2003. Lalitha academy has given chance in participating in work demonstration and took some paintings of mine for the academic collection. In the year 2009 I.G.R.M.S Bhopal invited me to train over 50 people about Mysore painting and took some paintings for the museum collection. The development commissioner for handicraft sent me to Colombo for trade fair in the year 1999.


I still practice my paintings and as well as supplies to show rooms like Cauvery Emporium, The Central Cottage Industry  Bangalore and Delhi.

I have my own firm named “Navya Enterprises which is set up in Mysore.