Basically this game was being played in earlier times. This game was bought to India by Mughals. During 17th or 18th Century, it came to Mysore. In Mysore style it is called Dasavathara Ganjeefa games. This game is played using different types of Ganjeefa cards by two opponents. The speciality of this Ganjeefa cards are that they were the miniature art work by well known artists during Mummadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar.

This  art miniature representation of Mysore Traditional Paintings.  Which  is known for its splendor, beauty and workmanship all over the world.

Earlier this game was restricted only to riches and after the common people started playing this game, the artists started painting for the common man also. Ganjeefa cards used by riches were called as Dharbani Ganjeefa and that of common people as Bazaar Ganjeefa.

Some of the different types of Ganjeefa cards called Chamundeshwari Ganjeefa, Jaganmohana Ganjeefa, Panchapandava Ganjeefa, Navaratna Ganjeefa, Dikpala Ganjeefa, Devi Dashavatara Ganjeefa, manouirn Gimjeefst, Nnvnrnthnu Ciniijccih, Sarvamangale Ganjeefa and others.