Originally traditional paintings were done by the artists of The great Vijayanagara Empire which was famous for its art, literature, temples and architecture. After the fall of vijayanagara Empire during 15th century the artists migrated towards South India searching pattern for this intricate and exquisite art of normally mythological subjects. Some of these artists migrated to Madras and same painting originally done in Vijayanagara Empire came to be known as Tanjore Paintings and the people who are migrated to Mysore stsrted practicing this art under the patronage of our great  Wodeyar kings who themselves were great artists, warriors and great kings, which came to be known as “MYSORE TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS”

A sketch drawn as per the subject, first either on a white sheet of paper or  cloth pasted on wooden board treated with copper sulphate as insecticide. The using a mixture of white lead powder or magnesium oxide with gum, the ornament portion is embossed so as to bring a real ornament effect by pasting genuine gold leaf, stones and pearls on this embossed portion. Usually green black, brown, green, dark red, blue are the colour used in this paintings depending upon the subject of the painting. The characterstics of Mysore Traditional paintings are genuine gold leaf, precious stones, colour scheme and the thin and very fine lines.